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At Work Place...

How many times have we tried to ..

Recall action items from a last meeting….especially in the current paperless Go Green Workplace

Stay Focussed during long calls and workshops

Look beyond the obvious, think non linear

Be Visually alert paying attention to detail in the world outside our office desktop

Interpret data, graphs, visuals quickly on the fly and sensibly

These have made us often wish for ..

Increased Memory Capacity

Improved Focus and Attention

Abstract Reasoning Skills

Improved Visual Processing Skills

Smart Data Interpretation skills

Cognitive Demands of the Workplace

  • Establish the essential cognitive components of a job;
  • Identify which components could be appropriately carried out by someone else;
  • Identify what compensatory strategies the potential employee who has learning disabilities will have to develop and utilize in order to carry out the essential tasks of the job;
  • Identify what job accommodations could be made by the employer in order to improve the employee’s job performance;
  • Identify what training needs the employee presents in relation to the cognitive demands of the job.

How Skill Angels Can Help?

Skill Angels™ brings forth to the corporate industry a holistic suite of Cognitive Skill Assessment and Enhancement games & empowers organizations with:

400 + Gamified Recruitment | Skill Assessment Package
5-core brain skills - Memory |Visual Processing |Focus & Attention| Problem Solving |Linguistics
Customizable Content
Individual | Corporate Admin - Assessment Reports
Continuous cognitive skill development program
Employee Personalized brain skill training

Skill Angels™ illustrates a potential 3 fold strategy to turn corporate recruitment & development into a productivity engine beyond imagination. Leveraging recent discoveries in neurosciences and leadership in gamification, SkillAngels presents a gamified digital platform for corporate cognitive development with the core skills along with corporate specific requirements.

3 Fold Corporate Talent Management


Identify talent with greater cognitive quotient & ability to manage change

Reduce cost of training

Greater ROI

Experience Recruitment Suite

Skill Assessment

Valid inferences for a number of organization outcomes

Reduce business costs of identifying individuals for hiring, promotion or training

Identify focus areas for every employee to enable goal definition and path to success

Sample Reports

Ongoing Cognitive Training

Increase ability to focus and attention

Enhanced listening and observation skills

Progressive reports for employees to monitor and self evaluate

About Us

In an age of rapidly changing environments, the ability to focus, learn quickly & make fast decisions are skills paramount for the individual & organization success. Edsix Brain Lab Ltd aims to add this quintessential block into the Traditional Corporate Training strategy with Skill Angels. Leveraging recent discoveries in neurosciences & leadership in gamification, Skill Angels presents a gamified digital platform for corporate cognitive development.

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