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Cognitive Skill Recruitment - Guidelines

The Cognitive Skill Assessment will measure the following core brain skills.
S.No Skill Description No.of Games
1 Memory The ability to store and recall information. 1
2 Focus And Attention The ability to sustain and attend to incoming information. 1
3 Problem Solving The ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or novel procedures. The test evaluates logical thinking and reasoning abilities. 1
4 Visual Processing The ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images. The test evaluates the user's ability to create a picture of word or concepts in mind and visualize. abilities. 1
5 Linguistics The test evaluates the ability to recollect and process words or concepts in correlation with a particular language learnt over a period of a time. 1

Game - Guidelines

S.No Skill Category Game Name Time Duration (in sec) Game Guidelines
1 Memory Cycle Race 200 1.Carefully observe the animation shown.
2.Read and understand the question.
3.Click on the correct choice.
2 Focus And Attention Spot the odd one out 150 1.Observe the pictures shown.
2.Click on the Odd Man Out.
3 Problem Solving Hungry Hop 180 1. Select the basket that the rabbit must hop to first, so that it can hop to all other baskets and finish all carrots.
2. On selecting the correct a basket, the rabbit eats the carrots in that basket and jumps in the clockwise direction to the next basket and eats the carrots in that basket.
3. The rabbit jumps as many times as the number that is written below the basket
4. Remember, selecting a basket that eventually lands the rabbit on an empty basket, will upset the rabbit and shall not move forward.
5. Only upon selecting the right basket, the rabbit shall move.
4 Visual Processing Rear Magic 120 1. Observe the highlighted picture
2. Imagine its rear view
3. Select the correct figure that represents the rear view of the highlighted picture.
5 Linguistics Anagrams-Music 300 1. Observe the word shown.
2. Observe the letters highlighted in "Green" buttons.
3. Click on them to form the correct "Anagram" for the given word.
4.Finally press enter.
(Hint: The anagram should not be the same as given word.The answer word is related to the theme 'music'.)

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