CSR Programs

Through a suite of programs encapsulated in the CSR track, Edsix brain labs envisions collaborating with corporates and working towards creating India as the skill capital of the 21st century. We believe that this will be of significant interest to enable your organization embrace a valuable program that focusses in delivering measurable outcome in the quality of education for children of India.

We look forward towards building a rewarding and long-standing partnership enhancing the value of education in the society.

Our Strategy

The Skill Angels platform deploys revolutionary gamification as a self-learning technique and comprises of 500+ games for K-8 grades to establish the required foundation. Following are the Core Skills that will be developed:
S.No Skill Detail Purpose
1 Basic Cognitive Skill(Alligned to Curriculum) Reading and Arithmetic To enable students to self learn reading and arithmetic
2 21st Century Skills ( Higher Order Cognitive Skills ) Problem Solving Apply Arithmetic, Logic Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning creativity to solve problems.
Memory Sharpen skills to retain what is captured by the brain.
Focus and Attention Sharpen skills to focus self towards a specific activity
Visual Processing Enhance visual skills to observe the surrounding
3 Life Environment Awareness To impart basic awareness of the environment
4 Emotional (Part of Product Road Map) Emotional awareness | Management To impart emotional competence and prepare children for the future demands.

CSR Programs and Shared Valued EcoSystem

Within the CSR vertical, considering the priority of skills to be developed, leveraging Skill Angels, Edsix Brain Labs, has crafted the below programs to maximize impact:
S.No Program Social Issue (Based on recent studies, research, external survey reports) Theory of Change Impact
1 REACH Declining levels of education quality resulting in a massive score, unable to read and write. Implement Skill Angels REACH platform ( Paper Based) across schools with lack of ICT infrastructure to impart personalized teacher independent training of basic reading/ arithmetic skills Improvement in basic reading / arithmetic skills for children
2 21st Century Skills Declining levels of employability and lack of foundation in 21st century skills Implement Skill Angels 21st Century Program to develop Multiple Intelligence and Core Cognitive Skills required to improve employability and brain performance An enhanced cognitive foundation, Improves overall academic performance & strong 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving improves employability

Edsix Brain Labs believes that the key to any successful program by an organization is through building an ecosystem of parties that share & nourish the same value. Within this ecosystem, the following will be goals to be achieved.

Implementation Options

Catering to the various levels of infrastructure support for schools, Skill Angels offers 2 medium of instruction namely

1.Online mode of Implementation

Skill Angel's game suite can be accessed via schools.skillangels.com where every child will be given a secured access protected with username and password. The advantages of online implementation are:

  1. Easy Setup and Secured Access
  2. Comprehensive Reporting for School Admin
  3. Minimum Technical difficulties and maintenance
  4. Easy to upgrade
  5. Access Anytime Anywhere
Online technical support would be provided as needed. EdSix recommends minimum of 1 period per week per student for about 30 minutes. As the Cognitive Learning Program is available online, the students can also access the training from home every day. The minimum recommended infrastructure details are as given below:

Browser Google Chrome 24 and above
Flash Player Flash Player 10 (or later)
Screen Resolution 1024 X 768 pixels(or above)
CPU/Processor Pentium Core I3 (or more)
Operating System Windows XP and above
RAM 2 GB (or more)
Color Depth 32-bit (highest)
Internet Connection Speed 2 Mbps and above

2.Worksheets for rural schools & poor infrastructure

With printable worksheets, players/teachers can train and learn brain skills and basic curriculum

Why SkillAngels?

The Benefits of Skill Angels are unique and Why Skill Angels is best understood in line with each of the Programs

For Users ( Students, Parents, Teachers )

Program REACH
Program 21st Century

For Corporates

About Us

In an age of rapidly changing environments, the ability to focus, learn quickly & make fast decisions are skills paramount for the individual & organization success. Edsix Brain Lab Ltd aims to add this quintessential block into the Traditional Corporate Training strategy with Skill Angels. Leveraging recent discoveries in neurosciences & leadership in gamification, Skill Angels presents a gamified digital platform for corporate cognitive development.

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