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Awards & Recognition

Winners of Tech4Impact Accelerator Program 2013 conducted by IIM Ahmedabad's CIIE and Village Capital

Launched "SkillAngels Super Brains"-Computer Based Brain Skill Contest for 11000+ school children and created "Assist World Record"

Qualcomm Ventures - QPrize Finalist - 2014

CII Startupreneurs People's Choice Best Startup 2014

Winners of Hot100 Technology Awards-2014

Best Startup - Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & IT-2014

The 21st Century Workplace Demand

Evaluating Candidates Beyond Their Technical Ability

How is it possible that even highly educated candidates are unable to find skilled work when millions of open positions go unfilled? Evidence indicates that this talent gap is not due to the absence of technical skills, as one might expect, but rather to the absence of "soft skills," or what we'll call 21st century skills, in prospective candidates. These primarily refer to interpersonal and general analytic abilities like teamwork, empathy, leadership, negotiation, adaptability, and problem solving.


Finding and measuring 21st-century skills

Companies want employees who can think critically, work collaboratively and communicate through new technology

Microsoft Europe

10 most critical job skills to parlay in your job search for 2013

Here are the critical job skills required : Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision-Making, Active Listening, Computers and Electronics, Mathematics, Operations and Systems Analysis, Monitoring, Programming and Sales and Marketing.


Employers More Interested in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Than College Major

A demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than [a candidate�s] undergraduate major.

National Survey of Business

Employees with strong 21st Century Skills such as Critical thinking, Learning Agility, Logical Reasoning can learn quickly, handle multiple complex tasks simultaneously and be highly productive without needing much supervision.

What we do?

Identify Right Talent

We equip corporates to create true profiles of candidates by assessing cognitive skills - the single best predictor of job performance in today's rapidly changing business environment

Experience Recruitment Suite

Employee Skill Assessment

Employee Skill Assessment is done to measure the Cognitive Skill abilities of each employee in the organization. The assessment strives to measure the Core Brain skills in each individual that form the basis of higher order learning, critical learning and decision making abilities.

Sample Reports

Continuous Training

An ongoing skill development program for all employees to practice deliberately and break cognitive plateaus to enhance self productivity.

About Us

In an age of rapidly changing environments, the ability to focus, learn quickly & make fast decisions are skills paramount for the individual & organization success. Edsix Brain Lab Ltd aims to add this quintessential block into the Traditional Corporate Training strategy with Skill Angels. Leveraging recent discoveries in neurosciences & leadership in gamification, Skill Angels presents a gamified digital platform for corporate cognitive development.

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